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We offer you the service of cutting and drilling concrete, stone, blocks, bricks and other building materials. Also construction works and masonry - buildings, houses, walls. Masonry with the use of different kinds of materials (brick, stone, reinforced concrete...).

Cutting Concrete 

- Cutting holes of all sizes. Openings for the doors, garage doors, elevators, windows, conversion of space and others. 
- Cutting of flat roofs made of concrete and other materials, shortening and removal of terraces 
- Cutting of concrete beams, columns, stairs 
- Works are carried out accurately with a water-cooled diamond tool which removes dust, noise and vibration at the most

Concrete Drilling 

- Drilling of concrete, tiles, stone, bricks, blocks of all diameters particularly useful for implementing the wiring, plumbing, vents, ventilation 
- Especially useful for already constructed buildings because of minimal damage to the surroundings
- Works are carried out with diamond tools with great precision 


- Masonry of all kinds of buildings, houses, walls; with all types of masonry materials (bricks, stone, reinforced concrete and other) 
- Setting the stone, cubes, all types of terraces and access roads 
- Setting up the facade and all kinds of thermal and acoustic insulation 
- Installation of plasterboard ceilings and partition walls 
- All types of roofs and eaves 

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